Too many times we forget to smile — when we’re wrapped up in fear, frustration, dismay, paying bills and people pleasing. The more we frown on the outside, the more our insides become tied in knots. We forget to breathe — and our eyes lose their glimmer. We begin to wonder how we can find our smiles again, but then again there are a million reasons to smile — here are 5 to consider:

5 Reasons to Smile

1. The sun continues to reappear each day bringing life, warmth and hope. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, how about taking a 10 minute break to go sit in the sun? Vitamin D is a mood booster and a free gift from the sun.

2. There are more than 1.5 million classified animal species on planet earth. It is awe inspiring when you come to think of the variety of creatures throughout the land. Whenever you begin to think that there is no rhyme or reason to this life — be awed by the amazing characteristics of animals large and small. Go to a local zoo or animal park to remind yourself that beyond your hectic, prescribed life is a world of mystery, artistry and beauty.

3. Children. These little critters see the world with eyes wide open. They are the true essence of life and love. A few minutes in their presence is sure to inspire a smile. Next time you are around one study them — ask them questions — and walk away with the knowledge that you need to be more childlike.

4. The Power of New Beginnings. You must remember that each and every moment provides you the opportunity to see the world anew. You can choose to be free from your limiting personal life stories — the ones that allow for you to make excuses for not reaching for your goals and dreams. Smile knowing that this moment doesn’t have to be like the rest. Nothing is impossible!

5. Love. Take time to open your arms and heart to the love that surrounds you. Notice the subtle acts of love performed toward you by your friends and family and smile. Sometimes we are too busy to see these things or give thanks for them.  Revel in it!!! And then offer love back in return.

There are many other things that bring a smile to my face like…

– Colorful flowers
– Rainbows
– The blue sky & the sea beneath it
– Flying to another country
– Holding earth in the palm of my hand
– The smell of rain in the air
– The first signs of summer

The list goes on…

What makes you smile? Make a list to brighten your day and comment below as well!

– Post by Jen Engevik of Project BE Bold

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