Inevitably, most of us reach moments in our lives in which we look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves how we have let our dreams pass us by. We think back to the day when we believed in the beauty of our dreams and were positive that we could use our talents to change the world.

I once knew a boy who was an amazing pianist – a prodigy no doubt. He was a grade beneath me in school and awed me during talent shows and school assemblies with his ability to play Mozart, Handel, Bach and his own creations with ease — his hands flew over the keys masterfully as I sat mesmerized by his artistry.

There was no doubt in my mind that music was his domain and his calling.  A few years after graduating from high school I ran into him, and he shared with me that he was uncertain as to what he was going to do with his future. I was absolutely blown away that he questioned his unbelievable talent – one that I could have only dreamed to have been bestowed with.

I asked what he wanted to do and his answer was clear — “I want more than anything to pursue music.” There was a hesitation in his voice — and sadness in his eyes as he continued. “It’s just that my dad wants me to go to medical or law school…he thinks that music is a joke.”

And so it goes…

This is not an isolated case. A case in which a boy growing into a man has found his calling, yet is told that his natural gifts  are less than what a parent, grandparent, sibling, mentor or teacher sees as logical and/or acceptable.

We must ask ourselves why we buy into the devaluation of our dreams? And we must make sure that we make every effort to encourage those around us to believe in the beauty of their own.

Today, dare to delve into the limiting beliefs that you hold surrounding your dreams. Make a list of the voices from your past and/or present who are keeping you from taking the plunge. And then ask yourself why you give them so much power?

You are the sole owner of your destiny…

I am happy to report that my childhood friend chose to follow his dreams. He is now a college music professor, has released a solo CD, and has accompanied Broadway stars and major recording artists on tour and on their albums. I salute him for his decision to be bold!

Post by Jen of Project Be Bold