Dawn Brancheau - Whale Trainer

Team Project Be Bold would like to pay tribute to whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, who dared to live her dream of working with Orca whales. Two days ago, Brancheau, 40, was involved in a fatal accident while working with Tilikum the whale at Sea World in Orlando, Florida.

May Brancheau be remembered for her willingness to follow her heart. Her friends and family today shared with the world how much she loved the massive creatures and how they filled her life with a deep sense of purpose. “It was her dream to do it. She loved her job,” said her Mother Marion Loverde.  “She was very loving, very giving – a good girl, close to her God, close to her family, close to friends.”

While it is profoundly sad and heartbreaking to write about the loss of her life – and many people justifiably question whether following one’s own dreams is worth the risk of  a shorter lifespan –  something deep within says that her risk was well worth it. For she followed heart and what was written in her DNA.

The following is video footage of Brancheau from earlier in her career:

– Post by Jen of Team Project Be Bold

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