Airplanes – Wild how those big monsters stay in the air!

Butterflies – Exquisite coloring & graceful flight

Children – Oh how I wish I could have an ounce of their imagining skills

Dolphins – The playful pups of the sea

Ears – Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to hear

Flowers – Delicate, colorful and soul stirring

Grace – It’s nice when someone gives you a break here and there

Heart – Thank you for dutifully pumping each day

Ink – How our history was recorded and stored

Jump – It’s healthy to jump on the bed or off a curb or over an object. When did adults decide that we have to stay stuck on the ground?

Kiss – One of the forehead is comforting. On the cheek friendly. And on the lips tummy tickling.

Laughter – Don’t forget to take a dose a day.

Me – It’s OK to love & respect ourselves. That way we can love others.

No – A word we need to use more wisely. It can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

Ovaries – Without these suckers, none of us would be here…I’m just sayin’….

Pink – Especially when it’s streaked across an evening sky.

Questions – When we stop questioning, things can get a bit scary. Freedom & questioning go hand in hand.

Rain – How about running in the rain or taking a walk as drops fall on your head? Why do we always have to avoid it? Remember when jumping in puddles was oodles of fun and opening our mouths to let a few drops in delicious?

Stars – Sometimes I forget to look up at them in the evening or the city lights drown them out. How about a drive out to the wilderness to see their majesty?

Teeth – Eating is so very enjoyable with them.

Up – There’s always a chance to get up when you’ve fallen. Practice falling as you once did as a child in the grass…then spring up. Our bodies become feeble and susceptible to breaking when we stop playing and falling on purpose.

Vineyards – Natures splendor mixed with human genius. The smell of grapes in the sun is marvelous.

Wind – Stirs my soul. The warm Santa Ana winds were one of my favorite childhood friends. They still electrify something within my adult frame of mind.

Xerox – Secretaries all over the world are thankful for you.

You – I like you…with your weaknesses and strengths. Your failures and your successes. There is only one you…so revel in that knowledge. Make the most of each moment.

Zebras – Roaming free on the plains of Africa. What imagination when into painting their luxurious stripes.

– By Jen Engevik

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