Yoga on Yamhill in Portland Oregon: Donation Only Center

Yoga on Yamhill - Portland, Oregon

Yoga on Yamhill, a newly opened yoga center in Portland, Oregon celebrated its grand opening on December 7, 2010. It’s founder Paul Terrell is a student of world-renowned yogi Bryan Kest.

Paul, known to his friends as PJ, is an Army veteran who served in Desert Storm as a youngster. After earning a Bronze Star for his service in Iraq, PJ came back home and began his journey toward yoga. In 2001, he and a good friend gave Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California a whirl. He walked into the studio with shorts and a t-shirt — no yoga mat, no water, no expectations.

Inside Yoga on Yamhill

Not knowing what he was in for, or that his introduction to yoga would lead him to building his life around the practice, PJ dove into his first class following the instruction of Kest, moving from pose to pose with sweat pouring from his body. After class, he sat on his rented mat in a delicious daze — thankful for his first yoga experience.

Paul on Left with Bryan Kest

Fast forward to 2010 — PJ has entered into his calling as a yoga instructor. Following the lead of Kest, from whom he gained his yoga certification in 2009, he has chosen to follow the Donation Only model so that yoga can be available to all people, regardless of their financial situations. While there are no set fees for classes, it is important for the practitioner to know that their donations will keep the lights on and provide food for its instructors. The concept surrounds the act of  intentional giving which fuels a healthy and rich yoga community.

Classes are available Monday-Sunday and offer a variety of yoga styles and levels. For more information and Yoga on Yamhill’s schedule, visit Suggested donations are between $8 & $12.

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