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Making it Through Struggle in Today’s Challenging World

I’m writing from Sweden where fall has definitely set in and the yellowish-brown leaves float by as the winds whip through the crisp sky. It’s beautiful really, even though the Southern Californian in me keeps hoping for the Santa Anas to push warm air in from the desert…all the way up toward the arctic circle. […]

My News Experiment & Why I’m Banning Most News from My Life

I experimented a bit over the past few days to see how immersing myself into news would affect my mood and my ability make bold decisions. This comes after making the decision over the past couple of months to stop reading about the latest tragedies, world conflicts, monetary woes and politics. During that period, I was […]

The Reset Button – Moving to New Places Cooking in Life

I have officially begun life at a new address within the same small town in Southern Orange County. The moving process has made me reflect on life — just like our homes that become cluttered and overpopulated with stuff/junk, our minds, bodies and souls become the same. The moving process was wild for me. I […]