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Suffer From Depression, Anxiety, PMS, ADD? How Magnesium Supplements May Help!!

The other day, I happened to run into an article surrounding Magnesium and what happens if one doesn’t get enough of it into their diet. I skimmed over it, but then didn’t give it much thought. Then over the weekend, a friend of mine began talking about how supplementing her diet with Magnesium and B6 […]

Cancer-Fighting Foods Part II by Michael Brummer

CANCER-FIGHTING FOODS PART II In my last fitness tip, I wrote of my Aunt May dying of breast cancer and how her illness and death impacted me inprofound ways.  I also wrote of five foods high on the list of cancer-fighting foods according to Erin Dummert, RD, CD.  Here are five more foods to add to that list: 1) PUMPKIN:  Pumpkin, […]