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No Excuses!

Michael Brummer, Personal Trainer, Shares How You Can Maintain Excellent Fitness — An essential ingredient in maintaining one’s fitness is having the mindset NO EXCUSES!  No matter what your age, occupation, financial status, daily schedule, etc., there is a way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. BUSY PARENTS: If you’re a busy parent, exercise before your children […]

Your Best Exercise

When choosing an activity to help improve and/or maintain your physical fitness, choose an activity that you enjoy. The advantages of choosing an activity that you enjoy are: 1) you will stick with that activity and exercise on a more consistent basis, thus improving your chances to reach your fitness goals and 2) the activity […]


Too many people see kale simply as a way to dress up a plate and then is left for compost after a meal has been devoured. But what you should know is that it is one of the most nutrient rich greens on our planet! Studies have shown that kale has the power to stave […]