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Hillary Clinton’s Equal Rights Speech


The following is a recent speech given by Hillary Clinton on human rights and equality. Whether you are a fan or not of her politics, her words are a bold challenge for all! Related Posts:Tale of the Seeker & the First Bold Step by Lama Surya DasThe Art of Discovering Inner StrengthThe Art of Being Jordan Pease“Darling I’m Here for You”The Man (or Woman) Who Thinks They Can by Walter D. Wintle

The Renaissance Minimalist from 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris

Subscribe to Daily Cup of Boldness -Thought for the Day I am continuing to learn amazing principles for finding financial/life freedom within the pages of 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. In Chapter 9, Income Autopilot I: Finding the Muse, he shares the story of an entrepreneur he knows who created an online source of income…his business generates $10,000 with the click of a few buttons and creative thought. Read closely for inspiration: Douglas Price was waking up to another beautiful summer morning in his Brooklyn brownstone. First things first: coffee. The jet lag was minor, considering he had just returned…

Powerful Marketing Tips from Book “Your Marketing Sucks”

I was just made aware of a great marketing book entitled, Your Marketing Sucks by author Mark Stevens (Thanks for the suggestion Hillary!!)  The book isn’t for the faint at heart, but for those who are looking to be bold enough to take their businesses to the next level. The following are a couple powerful excerpts: p. 115 – “Extreme marketing takes an entrepreneurial perspective that demands a measurable return on the investment dollars allocated to the marketing process. Extreme Marketers are both strategic and tactical. They identify opportunities – often considered inappropriate or impossible to cultivate by others –…