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10 Bold Words to Meditate on Today

1. Love…keep the heart pumping and ever expanding…show your partner, your child, your mother & father, and even strangers some love today. 2. Forgive…let go of yesterday…today offers the perfect opportunity to create new, positive brain waves. 3. Now…have you noticed all of the beauty surrounding you at this very moment? The magic lies in […]

The Power of Words & Why “It Is What It Is” Doesn’t Cut It

Reading some thoughts by Anthony Robbins on how the words (or word associations) we use either weigh us down or give us wings with which to fly. He suggests trying a simple exercise in an effort to change our thoughts from negative & energy-zapping to empowering & energy-provoking. Robbins provides the following exercise:  1. Take […]

Musings on Visualization and Goal Attainment

I’ve been reading a lot about the concept of  visualization. The process includes filling the mind with possibility and seeing success in a certain area of life or pursuit. Top athletes use it as they navigate through their worlds, artists see something in their mind’s eye and bring it to life,  and successful entrepreneurs stay awake at […]

Confidence, the Stock Market & Overcoming Fear

I awoke today quite interested in what is going to happen today on the stock market. So many  are concerned after reading articles and listening to the numerous negative news reports on TV. Magically (or really not so magically because what would one expect when fear is in the air?) the market has lost its […]