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Recipe for a Great Day! Ideas for Living a Happy & Fullfilling Life :-D

I’ve been working to develop a new practice – one that takes each day as an opportunity for near perfection. I think it important to disassociate ourselves from our yesterdays and not try to work out the future, but to revel in the now. My experience has been pure frustration and disconnection when I’ve gone through […]

The Reset Button – Moving to New Places Cooking in Life

I have officially begun life at a new address within the same small town in Southern Orange County. The moving process has made me reflect on life — just like our homes that become cluttered and overpopulated with stuff/junk, our minds, bodies and souls become the same. The moving process was wild for me. I […]

Endgame by Author Mark Nepo – Dancing Our Way Through Challenge

Now there’s nothing left but to keep dancing… I don’t know if it is human nature or the way of life on Earth, but we seldom become all of who we are until forced to it. Some say that something in us rises to the occasion, that there is, as Hemingway called it, “grace under […]