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Ideas for Discovering Your True Calling in Life

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t question from time to time why we are floating around on planet earth. Are we here to simply survive? To have fun? To work until our bones are weary? The answer to these questions most likely varies from person to person. We each have a different beat to which we groove…and that is what makes the world go round. What happens when you reach a crossroads that finds you searching high and low for your purpose? When you find yourself at work blankly staring at your computer screen thinking “I can’t do this…

Ten Questions for the Dalai Lama – Time Magazine Interview

Enjoy this powerful interview with the Dalai Lama! Within the interview he discusses religion, success, life, dreams and his story with honesty and humor: Related Posts:Setting Out on a New Journey & Leaving the Shore BehindChristine Schwab on Bold Living, Overcoming Obstacles, and Rheumatoid Arthritis So Much Happiness by Naomi Shihab NyeTale of the Seeker & the First Bold Step by Lama Surya DasThe Man (or Woman) Who Thinks They Can by Walter D. Wintle

Dream by Whoopi Goldberg

I CAN DO ANYTHING.  I can be anything. No one ever told me I couldn’t. No one ever expressed this idea that I was limited to any one thing, and so i think in terms of what’s possible, not impossible. They did sell me the notion of reality. That I got. I got the laws of physics and nature pretty much down and knew early on there were very specific things I couldn’t do. I knew I could never make anyone float, or turn water into wine, or make cats speak French. I knew I couldn’t bring people back from…