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Setting Out on a New Journey & Leaving the Shore Behind

It feels amazingly freeing to blog for a second day in a row. In order to climb my mountain of self-discovery, I must return to my purpose. Wildly enough, this  includes pouring my soul out to strangers, those who have known me for a lifetime, and everyone in between. I truly believe that within each […]

Igniting the Divine Spark of the Heart By Musician and Songwriter Devirose

By  Devirose Ever since I can remember, I have been acutely aware of the suffering in the world, both that which is part of the fabric of life such as illness, death, and natural occurrences, and that which we create on our own through the perpetuation of our harmful beliefs and actions toward ourselves and […]

Day 1: Jen’s Twenty-One Days to Forge a Habit Experiment

Yesterday was July 20, 2011 – the first day of my 21 Days to Forge a Habit Experiment. My workday was filled with lots of article writing for clients, many lapses in focus, and a burning desire to chuck my computer down from the balcony of our attic apartment conversion here in Gothenburg. LOL. Seriously, […]