What is Bold Living?

Wonder what Project BE Bold defines as Bold Living? 

  • Telling the truth – even if it hurts or is scary.
  • Letting go of the need to control others and situations that shouldn’t be under your control.
  • Taking leaps of faith at the right time.
  • Wishing & wanting  the best for others and leaving behind selfish thought & behavior.
  • Finding the strength to pursue ones talents, even if it means ridicule from family, friends and the world at large.
  • Living with heart & finding a place within for acceptance of people we don’t understand.
  • Walking the walk. If you feel a certain thing is wrong and you don’t want to participate, don’t. But don’t persecute others for their actions. Be an example rather than an ugly, judgmental monster.
  • Taking care of one’s body. Eat healthfully, don’t abuse substances, exercise and find time for silence.
  • Being wise with money. Debt weighs you down and causes you to act out of desperation at times. Try to live within your means — and if you want something — work hard to obtain it. But work ethically.
  • Establish goals and work toward them with diligence. Some of the happiest people in the world are those who are accomplishing things. This doesn’t mean work yourself silly until you have no energy. It’s about balance and a steady pace. Make sure that your work doesn’t negatively affect the way you treat others.
  • Bold choices are made with the soul. Your soul will tell you (through bodily & mental discomfort) when you have failed to be bold. Plus it makes trying to sleep a challenge.
  • Creating a bold company — this is one in which the creators of the company bestow in their employees and even provide them stake in the company. Employees who feel as though they are taken for granted will take the company for granted. Loyalty springs as result kind treatment and the knowledge that one is appreciated.
  • Bold loving means that you are willing to want the best for a person – even when that means you may lose them as a result. We must allow each other to be free. When we do this we experience love abound — love that is true.