The Art of Being Jordan Pease


I was lucky enough to interview the very talented and bold author/comedian Jordan Pease. When we began our conversation, I was immediately taken by the 23-year-old's passion for life and dedication to his craft.

"When I first moved to California from New Jersey, I had grandiose dreams of everything magically falling into place," said Pease. "But I quickly learned there are numerous amazingly talented people trying to follow the path I've chosen. It became clear that if I am to succeed, I need to throw everything into my work."

Jordan Pease in San FranciscoHard work wasn't a new concept for the youngster. As a youth in New Jersey, Pease was a leading varsity soccer player and gifted student -

"I always had a deep sense of pride in anything I attempted. I was taught from an early age that if presented with an opportunity or a talent, I should give 100 percent of what I've got."

The same is true where his inner-truths are concerned -

"When it became clear that I was gay, I knew I had to be real with my friends and family."

This included telling his soccer teammates.

"They were totally supportive and treated me like any other player. I worked hard, they worked hard, and that was all that mattered."

And then his father died.

"I was 19 and in the process of trying to get the balls up to make something of myself. I always felt there was a greater purpose for my life. The challenges I faced (including the death of my dad) pushed me out of my comfort zone and toward LA."

Pease didn't know a single person when he made the big move and this didn't stop him for a second.

"The secret to my success thus far is to never stop. I've always got a notebook with me. I never know when inspiration is going to hit or when I may score a gig. So I'm always trying to be one step ahead of the game."

In 2013 alone, Pease has performed at more than 60 comedy shows throughout the U.S. and abroad.

imgres-1"I have a long way to go," said Pease. "I won't give up until I make the big time. I want to prove to people my age and younger that with had work anything can happen."

"I keep hearing tons of excuses from my peers as to why they aren't working hard toward a goal. One of the lamest is that the economy sucks. I'm going to prove that's a bunch of B.S."

Not only does he continue to score gigs, Pease is also the author of two books. His first, Don't Let me Go, was published in 2010 and is based on his varsity soccer years. The second is a memoir that was published at the beginning of this year. Accidentally Ok satirically chronicles his 90-day adventure through Europe when he was 21.

While Jordan Pease is undoubtably a hilarious human being, I'm most impressed by his willingness to be artfully himself and belief that his wildest dreams will one day come true.

You can't get much bolder than that!

Enjoy one of his comedy acts, and please pass it on:

Post by Jen Engevik
Project Be Bold

Let Your Passion Feed Your Future by Jen Engevik

We have many choices in life, even when we think we don't. It's quite easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have to follow some sort of script or do the same thing day after day. What would happen if with laser beam focus, we were to hone in on what really thrills our souls?

"Build it and they will come"...that oh so famous voice in Ray Kinsella's mind in the blockbuster "Field of Dreams" pushed him to mow down a part of his corn field to build a baseball diamond. Those around him thought him crazy...they assumed his vision would one day land him in a psych ward. Yet, he wouldn't be moved. He listened to that voice within and created something of value.

Have you ever felt your heart thumping within...thump...thump...thump...when an inspired idea comes into your mind? And then you think at night..."what if"..."if only"...

Maybe you've shared your passionate idea with someone you love and their response is a roll of the eyes or a "that can never be done." And throw the idea out the window and decide to sit down on the couch and become immersed in someone else's dream.

That someone who created the show you are watching...well he or she probably rolled into Hollywood one fine day and dreamed that his or her show was going to be an instant hit. And rejection after another pushed them to the brink. He or she most likely lived on a dime a day and slept on couches (or in their car) until finally someone said "yes". Yes!!

When we have visions that are buried, we often just sit around and settle for dullness. What if, though, we were to let our passions fuel our future?

Steve Jobs was known to many as a crazy man. When he shared his products, his eyes would light up and he practically jumped out of his skin because his inspiration could barely be contained.

I'm thinking we were born to be creators and innovators. Also, we were given bodies that were meant to be lean and mean (not mean in spirit but vibrantly healthy!!).

Sometimes we think success is only meant for the Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutchers, and Madonnas of the world.'s not so. It's meant for every living creature. The only way it can be done is through vision, hard work, sweat, and tears.

What is  your passion? How about figuring out a way to make it your future?

- Jen Engevik

Founder of Project BE Bold and

Why Achieving Your Dreams is More Possible in Today's World Than Ever!

I've been thinking a lot lately about systems of old and how they use to hold us back from reaching for our dreams. For instance, if you wanted to publish a book, you had to write a query letter and be at the mercy of sometimes  limited thinking publishing companies.

Or if you wanted to make a film or documentary, you had to run around like a wild person and plead for a production company or studio to help bring your project to life.

In the case you were an innovator, you had to find distributors and try to convince them that your product was worthy.

Fast forward to late 2011 and now we have the ability to be our own publishers, our own production companies, and product distributors via our personal computers. Yeeehawww! Now that's a lot of power to hold!! The only thing that limits us is our outlook, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Let's take my three above scenarios to reveal what an amazing age we are living in...

1. Writing and publishing a book. The first step is to write your heart out. Second, is to create a simple blog or Website, open a Paypal or Google Checkout account, and learn how to post your book with link to purchase via Paypal or Google Checkout.  Third, create e-book publisher accounts on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other key publishers. Once you've finished your book and edited it carefully, you can post it on your Website and/or within various online stores and advertise it via Google and social media. Done!

In the case that your e-book goes bananas and sells millions of copies, publishers will be knocking down your door. In today's world, chasing a publisher may take we can do it ourselves! The secret is to just get your work out there and get eyeballs on it, rather than letting it sit on your computer hard drive until you're old and gray.

2. Make a movie. The same is true where movies and documentaries are concerned. Invest your time and effort into creating something that people will love. Give the world a teaser...and then sell your movie via iTunes or your savvy Website. You can even get creative and go after product placement deals within your'll just need to prove that potentially millions of eyeballs will see your flick. The sky is the limit!

3. Releasing a new product. The key is to fill a need for humanity. If you think your product idea has the ability to solve problems and/or inspire people, the only thing that limits you is your ability to promote it.  Thanks to the Web, it is possible to launch a new product within moments once it's been produced.

Throughout my marketing career, I've learned that there are many amazing products out there...but...if the marketing effort isn't there...they tend to fade into oblivion. Beyond delivering innovative, high-quality products, we must find the right method for advertising and marketing. Once a product starts selling in masses, distributors will be knocking down the door to become a part of our visions.

As the new year approaches, think deeply on how you can improve the lives of others...follow your passions...and open your eyes to possibility! Looking for help in guiding your vision, I'd love to assist you...e-mail me at Also, feel free to scroll down and comment below to share your ideas and thoughts!

Have a beautiful day!

Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold

Making it Through Struggle in Today's Challenging World

Fall in Sweden

I'm writing from Sweden where fall has definitely set in and the yellowish-brown leaves float by as the winds whip through the crisp sky. It's beautiful really, even though the Southern Californian in me keeps hoping for the Santa Anas to push warm air in from the desert...all the way up toward the arctic circle. Ahh...the dreamer in me really never quits.

I've been talking to many friends, family members, and strangers on the street about today's world. The majority feel that things are wild...scary...unpredictable. The economy has many of us panicked and worried about our futures. This get me thinking a bit about how we navigate through life when things seem so unpredictable.

For me, when I feel things are falling apart at the seams I tend to not have a hard time less...fret...worry...become like a frightened cat feeling there is no option but to run and hide under the bed.

I'm not in this place now, but I've been there many times. There was a time though in which I held on to things so tightly. I prided myself in living in my own apartment, driving a beautiful Audi, having excess cash for travels, etc. When I quit my well-paying job to pursue the life of a writer, it was darn wild. My savings diminished quickly, and I really had to fight to survive. Sometimes I still do in my effort to live between two countries with my other-half and write.

But...I feel it's been worth it...and hopefully it may pay off in more ways than one. It hurt when I decided I needed to downsize my car, reduce my "thing" pile, and  find a new place to live in Southern California/a roommate who would both help me save money and be an adopted cat mom while I am in  Sweden for months at a time (ouch!...before moving I kept invisibly hitting myself over the head for making this move. I kept thinking that someone my age should be much further ahead...with a house overlooking the the "dream").

Yet I learned something life changing -- I am not my things -- I am not my home -- I am not my car. In the end, I gained an amazing friend in my roommate and a new sense of humility. Who knew how much communal living could be? Who knew what freedom can be gained by not being attached to so many things?

I know someone right now who is so worried about finances and saving her home that she walks around each day with tired, bloodshot eyes. Her soul is weary...she cries often. She frets about things she should have done and about how bleak her future looks. "If I am forced to move, what will I do with my beautiful furniture?" she asked not long ago. All the while, her fears are sucking the life out of her. My question to her was, "what is your furniture going to mean to you if you're dead or sick?" She looked at me with pain in her eyes, wondering if I had fallen off my rocker. My point was...if she keeps letting fear be her guide...she will not last either physically or mentally.

It's wild to think...many people around the world revere an amazing being who had no home and no worldly possessions. Jesus roamed freely, not burdened by things...but driven by a passion and love for humanity. "Come to me all who are weary and burdened...and I will give  you rest," he once said. Whether you are religious or not, it is important to realize that these words were coming from a wanderer without a bank account, without a multi-million dollar home, without a Mercedes Benz. He realized how bogged down we can become when attached to things...that our connection and love for one another should trump our obsession with the material world.

I'm not saying for one second that it is bad to have "things." I still want to save up for a little bungalow overlooking the ocean in Southern California...and who knows...I may own a fancy convertible sports car one day. What I'm saying is that if you or anyone you know is struggling to keep your head above water financially, don't be afraid. Just make key decisions that will make your life easier to maintain. Don't beat yourself  over the head...don't alienate the people you love in an effort to hold on to your possessions...don't make yourself sick.

Downsize if you need to...

Learn to live on pennies for a while...

Make decisions that are going to propel you forward...

Let go of the need to hold on to possessions and begin focusing on to your loved ones instead...

It's going to be OK.

The moment we free our minds and unburden our hearts...the more we allow our creative energy to take flight. A healthy mind is essential for success in this life. Pray for guidance. Meditate on good things. Ask for help.

You'll make it through...

- Jen Engevik

My News Experiment & Why I'm Banning Most News from My Life

I experimented a bit over the past few days to see how immersing myself into news would affect my mood and my ability make bold decisions. This comes after making the decision over the past couple of months to stop reading about the latest tragedies, world conflicts, monetary woes and politics. During that period, I was quite productive and happy -- I saw the world as a place of opportunity and beauty.

Getting off of my no-news diet and delving into the wild world of news for the past few days has really helped me reaffirm my position that it's not so good for my outlook. Here are some of the things I've noticed.

  • Politics - I've read about everything from what's happening in congress - to the theories and Ideas presented by Presidential hopefuls - to conflicts in the middle east. The result = I find myself irritated and angered over many issues that I have no control over. I've wanted to get in arguments with those who don't see things the way I see them. It hasn't helped me one bit to be a more loving person. I was much happier - more accepting and hopeful when I decided to stop reading about the political games that are waged each day. I am going to continue my ban on reading about politics - and will not do it even when the election is in full swing.
  • Tragedy - I decided to educate myself on what happened to Caylee Anthony. To be honest, I didn't follow the trial or even know about it, so I dug in. I read much of the testimony, went over the timeline, listened to some of the interviews that detectives held with Casey and more. This experience filled my mind with darkness. I was frustrated by Casey misleading police and freaked out by her ability tell a lie without flinching. I was saddened when watching news clips of Americans holding signs, spitting and yelling outside the courtroom.The whole thing is troubling to me - firstly the media pulled millions of people in and made many of them more concerned over Casey Anthony's life than their own daily lives. That is a lot of wasted time, energy and emotion. I didn't miss a thing by not knowing about it or focusing my attention on the case. Because of this experiment, I've made a vow to continue turning the channel when stories of tragedy pop up. I'm going to focus on my immediate world rather than obsess on other people's realities.
  • Star news - In my search, I also caught up on the latest in Hollywood news. There are lots of divorces, disputes, stars battling the law, etc. My mind began to spin when I read about one star planning a $20 million wedding. It's nice and all - but I just kept thinking about the real world and everyday people who are struggling and couldn't help but feel a little frustrated. This experience also instilled in me that reading about stars diverts me from my own reality and causes me to wish I had more and sometimes makes my head spin.  For these reasons, I'm continuing my ban on needing to know more about stars.
This experiment has affected me for a couple of days. I'm a bit moodier and slightly depressed - keep thinking about Casey Anthony's release from jail and wanting to know what truly happened. Also I have been contemplating politicians and political positions that frustrate me to no end.
Just a few days ago before I took on this experiment, I was filled with possibility, excitement for life and now I'm a bit off my game. So here's what I'm going to do to from here on out...
  • Continue my ban on news and focus on the here and now.
  • Delete my news apps from my iPad.
  • Fill my mind with possibility -- good books, happy movies, inspiring shows...and things that make me laugh.
  • Eliminate divisive political discussions from my daily life. For me & the poor people I argue with, these conversations are energy killers.
  • Get out and get some exercise - enjoy the beauty of the day - celebrate the moment
I'm convinced that bold behavior and choices can only be made when the mind is fresh - uncluttered and free. This is why I suggest staying away from things that dampen our moods, cause frustration or distract us from our here and now.
- Jen Engevik

A - Z: Reasons to Be Thrilled about Today

Airplanes - Wild how those big monsters stay in the air!

Butterflies - Exquisite coloring & graceful flight

Children - Oh how I wish I could have an ounce of their imagining skills

Dolphins - The playful pups of the sea

Ears - Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to hear

Flowers - Delicate, colorful and soul stirring

Grace - It's nice when someone gives you a break here and there

Heart - Thank you for dutifully pumping each day

Ink - How our history was recorded and stored

Jump - It's healthy to jump on the bed or off a curb or over an object. When did adults decide that we have to stay stuck on the ground?

Kiss - One of the forehead is comforting. On the cheek friendly. And on the lips tummy tickling.

Laughter - Don't forget to take a dose a day.

Me - It's OK to love & respect ourselves. That way we can love others.

No - A word we need to use more wisely. It can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

Ovaries - Without these suckers, none of us would be here...I'm just sayin'....

Pink - Especially when it's streaked across an evening sky.

Questions - When we stop questioning, things can get a bit scary. Freedom & questioning go hand in hand.

Rain - How about running in the rain or taking a walk as drops fall on your head? Why do we always have to avoid it? Remember when jumping in puddles was oodles of fun and opening our mouths to let a few drops in delicious?

Stars - Sometimes I forget to look up at them in the evening or the city lights drown them out. How about a drive out to the wilderness to see their majesty?

Teeth - Eating is so very enjoyable with them.

Up - There's always a chance to get up when you've fallen. Practice falling as you once did as a child in the grass...then spring up. Our bodies become feeble and susceptible to breaking when we stop playing and falling on purpose.

Vineyards - Natures splendor mixed with human genius. The smell of grapes in the sun is marvelous.

Wind - Stirs my soul. The warm Santa Ana winds were one of my favorite childhood friends. They still electrify something within my adult frame of mind.

Xerox - Secretaries all over the world are thankful for you.

You - I like you...with your weaknesses and strengths. Your failures and your successes. There is only one revel in that knowledge. Make the most of each moment.

Zebras - Roaming free on the plains of Africa. What imagination when into painting their luxurious stripes.

- By Jen Engevik

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The Reset Button - Moving to New Places Cooking in Life

I have officially begun life at a new address within the same small town in Southern Orange County. The moving process has made me reflect on life -- just like our homes that become cluttered and overpopulated with stuff/junk, our minds, bodies and souls become the same.

The moving process was wild for me. I began the process by taking my huge library of books down from their shelves and didn't realize how many I possessed until half of one room was filled with boxes reserved for them. Also, I was amazed that I had either half-read - or not read at all - at least half of my inventory. I wondered to myself -- how did I become the owner of such an unread library? Why didn't I take time to savor each book before buying the next?

Next, I went through drawers and shelves and was overwhelmed by the many things I had forgotten I own and would never buy in the near future.  As this process unfolded, a wise man's words rang through my mind - "You only really need 20% of what you own." I giggled at first as I started to strategically place like items together so that I could make sense of it all. But as time went on, I found myself wanting to bring in a huge garbage bag, heap everything within them, go down to a deserted beach and hold a huge bonfire.

Today, I am sitting on my balcony overlooking the Saddleback Valley. The sun shines above and I'm finally feeling like things are coming together. As I've unpacked, I have tried to stick to the 20% rule -- what do I really need??? I'm trying to stick the the essentials...and am leaving various knickknacks and duplicate items packed in boxes. And I've vowed not to buy more until I've gotten rid of as much as I can.

Before leaving my home for near four years, I stood within its four walls surveying. All furniture was emptied -- appliances gone (replaced by the dust that had collected underneath them). - pets moved over to our new was just me and 1000 memories. I sat down in my old bedroom and tried to own a moment in which I could reflect on how my little home (surrounded by green trees that were inhabited by birds of all shapes and sizes) had been my friend and protector for almost a half-decade. I recalled the many special moments that it was host to - pictured my cats sunning in the balcony - thought of my neighbors and friends that I wouldn't see quite as often & gave thanks for the growth that I experienced while living there. Finally, I walked around and told my old friend that it had been nice and said a silent prayer for good times to come. A few tears fell from my eyes as I locked the front door and looked back one last time.

Life is bittersweet - a mix of the fantastic...clutter...newness...oldness...memories...future hopes...tears of joy...tears of sadness...and elation when you wake up in your new home and brew a fresh pot of coffee in a brand new kitchen while looking out of the window and seeing your beloved cat sunning on a new patio (upon his favorite couch).

I hit the reset button and it feels right. My thoughts are that I need to do it more often -- in small ways. To declutter more regularly -- both mentally and with the things/junk that I own. I need to loosen my grip on the things and become more focused on grasping the moment -- the people in my life -- the sunshine -- a good book (Just pick one of the hundred that I own and have forgotten about!!)

Where are you at in your own life? What are you gripping onto? In what areas do you need to hit the reset button?

My favorite yoga teacher would always say - "It's time for new places cooking." When he said this...he was referring to pushing yourself a bit harder when engaging in a yoga pose and in life...because what is life without a little growth? Stagnation. And stagnation breeds discontent.

Here's to new places cooking! And a new outlook - every morning of our lives.

- Post by Jen Engevik