Day 1 Again: Building Momentum

I have started over again on my 21 days to create a habit project. My revised goal is to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, rather than run for 30 minutes a day.  After forgiving myself for slacking and breaking my commitment to run - then deciding to revise my goal to include a variety of exercise types, I'm ready to go! :-D  This being a human thing is quite tough and funky at times - but I'm learning that it's really about not getting wrapped up in a funk and pushing myself to keep moving.

Yesterday, I set out on a cycling quest. My friend Heather and I jumped on to one of Orange County's  many amazing bike paths with the intention of riding at least 20 miles round trip. Once we got rolling, I was taken by the creek that gurgled beside the bike path and the aroma of sage baking in the summer sun.

Getting out into nature and enjoying the sea breeze wafting through the canyon was exactly what I needed. I've realized lately that staying within four walls brings out the sloth within my soul. It becomes all too easy to get stuck in front of the TV or iPad. At one point in the ride, Heather looked my way and said with a smile on her face "why haven't I been doing this for the past three years I've owned my bike?"

Why is it that so many times we choose activities that add to our suffering, small-selves rather than doing the things that bring us true joy & bring out our big-bad selves? We are happy when we stay on task - exercise - fill our minds with wisdom - stay in touch with our spirit - express ourselves truthfully...

One would think that after riding for 1 hour and forty-five minutes I would be ready to crawl into bed...but when I got home I was amp'd! I was inspired to clean the kitchen, organize my room, run to Petsmart and the market, and then come back and work on a couple projects.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, was recently asked what he does when he loses inspiration or becomes stagnant. His answer was simple..."I exercise." I had read this a couple weeks ago and am more convinced that he is right than ever. (There is one thing I'd like to share with Branson :-D -- I recently flew Virgin from London to Los Angeles and the seats in coach need some major improving...lack of padding and leg room made me want to lay in the aisle (regardless of how many amazing movies were at my disposal to watch) and inspired me to fly another airline on my last trip. He may need to run a few more laps on the track to solve that issue :-D There is always more room for improvement!!).

Once Heather and I reached the halfway point of our trip (which had been a gradual incline the whole way), we turned around were rewarded with a fast and furious ride back to where we came from. I was so happy that I began singing out loud a few times.

I'm learning that a life of action is rewarding on every level!

“Don't wait. The time will never be just right.” - Napoleon Hill

- Jen Engevik
Project Be Bold



We live in a day and age in which time is of the essence and we seem not to have enough of.  Consequently, when scheduling your workouts into your busy days and weeks, there is a key ingredient necessary to maximize your time and the results you are wanting to obtain from your workouts---giving your BEST effort!  When you give your BEST effort, you not only maximize the time you have set aside for your workout, you also significantly increase the possibility of achieving your fitness goals and your ability to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time, thus achieving your BEST results.  Stop going through the motions and giving a half-hearted effort when working out.  Give your BEST effort everytime and see how quickly you achieve your desired fitness goals!
Michael Brummer

30 Day Challenge by Google's Matt Cutts

A friend of mine made me aware of a Ted.com video in which Google engineer Matt Cutts shares how 30 days can transform your life. Take a bit more than 3 minutes to be inspired by watching this video:

- Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold

Yoga on Yamhill in Portland Oregon: Donation Only Center

Yoga on Yamhill - Portland, Oregon

Yoga on Yamhill, a newly opened yoga center in Portland, Oregon celebrated its grand opening on December 7, 2010. It's founder Paul Terrell is a student of world-renowned yogi Bryan Kest.

Paul, known to his friends as PJ, is an Army veteran who served in Desert Storm as a youngster. After earning a Bronze Star for his service in Iraq, PJ came back home and began his journey toward yoga. In 2001, he and a good friend gave Bryan Kest's Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California a whirl. He walked into the studio with shorts and a t-shirt -- no yoga mat, no water, no expectations.

Inside Yoga on Yamhill

Not knowing what he was in for, or that his introduction to yoga would lead him to building his life around the practice, PJ dove into his first class following the instruction of Kest, moving from pose to pose with sweat pouring from his body. After class, he sat on his rented mat in a delicious daze -- thankful for his first yoga experience.

Paul on Left with Bryan Kest

Fast forward to 2010 -- PJ has entered into his calling as a yoga instructor. Following the lead of Kest, from whom he gained his yoga certification in 2009, he has chosen to follow the Donation Only model so that yoga can be available to all people, regardless of their financial situations. While there are no set fees for classes, it is important for the practitioner to know that their donations will keep the lights on and provide food for its instructors. The concept surrounds the act of  intentional giving which fuels a healthy and rich yoga community.

Classes are available Monday-Sunday and offer a variety of yoga styles and levels. For more information and Yoga on Yamhill's schedule, visit www.yogaonyamhill.com. Suggested donations are between $8 & $12.