Suffer From Depression, Anxiety, PMS, ADD? How Magnesium Supplements May Help!!

The other day, I happened to run into an article surrounding Magnesium and what happens if one doesn't get enough of it into their diet. I skimmed over it, but then didn't give it much thought. Then over the weekend, a friend of mine began talking about how supplementing her diet with Magnesium and B6 has changed her life.

She told me of how difficult her life would become near her periods and how depressed she was following the birth of her baby. Her doctor worked to prescribe everything under the sun from anti-depressants to anxiety meds and more. She felt that there was something missing...that there had to be a diet based answer to her problems. This led her to a nutrition conference in which she learned that Magnesium and b6 deficiencies can cause major problems in the lives of children and adults. Among them are:

- Symptoms of ADD & ADHD

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Frustration & anger

- Insomnia

- Weakness

- Painful cramps & backaches for women on periods

And the list goes on...

After supplementing her diet with Magnesium Citrate (experts say this is probably the best form to take and to AVOID Mag. Oxide like the plague) and B6, my friend's life has changed dramatically. She isn't on any prescribed meds. via her doctor. Additionally, she has cut out refined foods and as much gluten as possible. Not only does she feel better, she looks so very energized. I noticed this as compared to months ago.

There are many, many articles surrounding this topic. Please Google it and learn more on this subject, especially if you have any of the symptoms above, have been diagnosed with a panic attack disorder, or if your child has been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD.

Here is a comprehensive article on the subject:

Hope this helps!! I felt that it was necessary for me to share, as I think there are many who could benefit from this knowledge.

- Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold

Warm Glow of Happiness by Edward Young

I had looked for happiness in fast living, but it was not there.
I tried to find it in money, but it was not there either.
But when I placed myself in tune with what I believe to be the fundamental truths of life . . .
when I began to develop my limited ability, to rid my mind of all kinds of tangled thoughts,
and fill it with zeal and courage and love . . .
when I gave myself a chance by treating myself decently and sensibly,
I began to feel the stimulating, warm glow of happiness.



Cancer-Fighting Foods Part II by Michael Brummer


In my last fitness tip, I wrote of my Aunt May dying of breast cancer and how her illness and death impacted me inprofound ways.  I also wrote of five foods high on the list of cancer-fighting foods according to Erin Dummert, RD, CD.  Here are five more foods to add to that list:

1) PUMPKIN:  Pumpkin, carrots, squash, red and yellow peppers, and sweet potatoes are foods that are excellent sources of beta carotene.  When eaten regularly, these foods help reduce the risk of many types of cancer due to their potent antioxidant capacity.

2) SPINACH:  Spinach, the "gold standard" of green leafy vegetables, is packed with lutein and vitamin E.  These powerful antioxidants help fight off cancer of the liver, ovaries, colon, and prostate.

3) GARLIC:  Garlic has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, esophagus, and breast. When cooking with garlic, mince the garlic 10 minutes beforehand to increase its cancer fighting potential.

4) PINEAPPLE:  Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which may protect against breast and lung cancer, and is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin C.

5) APPLES:  Apples contain the plant chemical quercetin, which has been shown to slow the growth of prostate cancer cells and reduce the risk of lung cancer, not to mention their antioxidant benefits.

According to Erin Dummert, RD, CD, the best anti-cancer diet is rich in brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and emphasizes the ten foods discussed in last month's and this month's fitness tips.  Additionally, foods have a synergistic effect when eaten together, meaning that "plant chemicals work together to produce a greater effect than if they were working alone."

Here's a sample, synergistic menu incoporating the top 10 cancer-fighting foods:

Yogurt smoothie with mixed berries and soy milk

Morning Snack
Apple with peanut butter
Green tea

Spinach wrap with mandarin oranges and broccoli sprouts
Cottage cheese and pineapple
Tomato juice

Baked wild salmon with caramelized onions and garlic
Stewed tomatoes
Pumpkin soup or baked sweet potato
Black tea

Continue to live a strong, energetic, and cancer-free life by incorporating these cancer-fighting foods and suggestions into your lifestyle today!!!

Michael Brummer
Certified Personal Trainer
Fit for Life!

Alto Italia in Santa Ana = A Bold Choice!

Alto Italia is one of the fabulous restaurants in the MacArthur Plaza at 2 Hutton Centre, Suite 203 in Santa Ana. Founded and operated by award winning chef Mark Miskiewicz, Alto Italia features mouthwatering Italian food created from scratch each and every day.

Alto’s famed dishes include New York style pizza (voted #1 in Orange County by Citysearch), daily pasta specials, delicious Chicken Basil Macaroni, unforgettable lasagna, and the best spaghetti marinara & meatballs in town!  In addition to traditional Italian cuisine, Alto is happy to announce the opening of their all-new self serve salad bar. Only $6.49 per pound, the salad bar features fresh leafy greens, veggies, caprese salad, orzo, deli meats, cheeses and more. Developed to promote healthy eating and living, it has been a hit with the business community and locals alike!

Beyond amazing food, Alto is the only restaurant in the plaza that operates a full bar. Don’t miss out on Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 3pm-6pm each week. While celebrating happy hour, you will enjoy $2.50 beer and $3.00 wine & well drinks and be invited to partake in select $1.50 appetizers.

For sports fans, Alto Italia invites them to enjoy Monday Night Football while watching on their two big screen televisions. Don’t miss out on the Monday Night Football Pizza & Beer Special featuring a 12 inch specialty pizza and four beers for only $20!!

Also coming soon is Alto Italia’s new bar lounge which will make watching sports on the restaurant’s two big screen TVs and spending time with friends after work all the most enjoyable. Stay tuned for details!

Alto Italia is also enjoyed in Orange County homes and at event locations and corporations! Their catering services are widely used for family parties, events, weddings and more! Chef Mark has been catering for more than 30 years and is owner of Crème de la Crème, the leading high-end caterer in Orange County ( Alto Italia food is always delivered steaming hot and ready to eat!

Visit www.mymacaurthurplaza to view their menu and special offers. To place a pick-up order or to order ahead, call Team Alto Italia at 714-557-2007!