The days we live
just skip on by
as we think about
what could be
what should have been
or what may one day be.
All this thinking
and planning
just seems to cloud the mind
depress the soul
inspire more couch sitting
staring at walls
grinding of teeth.
But what if this were your last day on earth?
What would you do?
There are some who would probably fret until they fell to the ground...
Others who would grab onto their loved ones and hold on tight...
Some who would do that one thing they wanted to do for the past 20 years...
I've thought hard about what I'd do,
about the moments I've felt most alive...
Visions of me long ago
gliding along on a jet ski on a desert lake
permeate my mind...
my hair blowing in the wind
face warmed by the summer sun
and me singing a song
that only my heart could hear.
This is when I felt most alive...and free...
I wonder sometimes why we bind ourselves?
Why we sit and ponder our dreams,
yet punish ourselves
wanting something more.
If this were the last day on earth....
I think I'd inspire all who I love
to come with me and journey to my warm and sunny desert lake
and there we'd laugh and play,
listen to a bit of Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra
while enjoying the feel of warm water,
a desert breeze
and the smell of sage baking in the sun.
When I was a kid,
We'd spend amazing days on the lake...
and when it came time to leave my heart would ache...
I'd wish that if only the car would break
then we'd be forced to stay
and just play...
If it were my last day on earth...
that's it...I'd just play.
And smile...
Maybe even laugh
and swim until the sun dipped
behind the sandy, cactus covered hills...
Then I'd feel amazingly free...
What about you...what would you do?
- Jen Engevik

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