Julie Gross Teaching a Swim Lesson

Julie Gross has devoted her life’s work to helping children find confidence in the water and educating their parents on how to best safeguard their pools.

In addition to her love for teaching, she has also poured herself into a writing and toy project that will help more families keep their children safe. Her recently published book Swim with Mr. Blue illustrates how swimming can be mastered, even though it may seem a bit daunting at first.

The beauty of Julie’s project is that she has fused her passion for swim with an understanding that she can take it to the next level – which is to reach as many people as she can in a fun and exciting manner. To promote

Swim with Mr. Blue is now available online!

her brand, she has created videos, developed social networking platforms, performs regular puppet shows within the community, and even went as far as tracking Oprah down in Chicago and providing her a copy of Swim with Mr. Blue. There is no sitting back and letting things unfold for Julie — she goes after her passion with her all and is experiencing amazing results.