We have many choices in life, even when we think we don’t. It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have to follow some sort of script or do the same thing day after day. What would happen if with laser beam focus, we were to hone in on what really thrills our souls?

“Build it and they will come”…that oh so famous voice in Ray Kinsella’s mind in the blockbuster “Field of Dreams” pushed him to mow down a part of his corn field to build a baseball diamond. Those around him thought him crazy…they assumed his vision would one day land him in a psych ward. Yet, he wouldn’t be moved. He listened to that voice within and created something of value.

Have you ever felt your heart thumping within…thump…thump…thump...when an inspired idea comes into your mind? And then you think at night…”what if”…”if only”…

Maybe you’ve shared your passionate idea with someone you love and their response is a roll of the eyes or a “that can never be done.” And so…you throw the idea out the window and decide to sit down on the couch and become immersed in someone else’s dream.

That someone who created the show you are watching…well he or she probably rolled into Hollywood one fine day and dreamed that his or her show was going to be an instant hit. And then…one rejection after another pushed them to the brink. He or she most likely lived on a dime a day and slept on couches (or in their car) until finally someone said “yes”. Yes!!

When we have visions that are buried, we often just sit around and settle for dullness. What if, though, we were to let our passions fuel our future?

Steve Jobs was known to many as a crazy man. When he shared his products, his eyes would light up and he practically jumped out of his skin because his inspiration could barely be contained.

I’m thinking we were born to be creators and innovators. Also, we were given bodies that were meant to be lean and mean (not mean in spirit but vibrantly healthy!!).

Sometimes we think success is only meant for the Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutchers, and Madonnas of the world. No…it’s not so. It’s meant for every living creature. The only way it can be done is through vision, hard work, sweat, and tears.

What is  your passion? How about figuring out a way to make it your future?

– Jen Engevik

Founder of Project BE Bold and ItsBOLD.com