Today I am reminded of the importance of love, the connection of human beings and the beauty of rest.

Each and every day we rush around, stress about this and that and work ourselves up into a frenzy. We make ourselves believe that we are fighting wars, putting out fires and conquering the fire breathing dragons that threaten our comfort – life as we know it.

What happens as result is a separation – the construction of invisible walls – that keep  us from connecting to our loved ones and friends and inhibit us from touching those we don’t know but who could be forever changed by our willingness to connect – to touch hearts.

It has been said time and time again that we aren’t meant to be islands. We are filled with happiness and abundance when we give the dramas of our life a rest — to take time to breathe — to tell the ego to take a hike — and open our arms and heart to the now. Rest. Rest. Rest. And then connect. Don’t fear…just connect. Connect with your friends and family…connect with nature…with the spiritual part of your being.

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not — there is something magnificent within that sings out loud when we feel at one with the moment — with love — with song — laughter — connection — blue sky — sunshine — cats — dogs — birds wings gliding — hand holding — the perfect melody.

If we don’t take time to rest — it’s almost impossible to connect and difficult to see all of the wonders that surround us on a daily basis.

Today’s bold challenge: Be one with the moment and rest – connect. Love. Give. Hope.

– Post by Jen engevik

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