I’ve been reading a lot lately the things that make people truly happy. And here is some of what studies & experts on happiness have found to be true:

  • Finishing a project
  • Attaining a goal
  • Doing something nice for someone
  • Transforming a room, yard, or space from cluttered and messy to organized and clean
  • Going to bed knowing that one did his or her best throughout the day
  • The feeling of endorphines racing though one’s body after a hard workout
  • Reaching the finish line during a marathon or race
  • Leaving a space/room more beautiful than when you arrived
  • Connecting with those you love and knowing they are safe and sound
  • Listening to someone carefully & letting them know their words are important
  • Raising a child & knowing that one did his or her best to raise them
  • Witnessing the accomplishments of your children

The list could go on and on, but it is important to notice that the things that offer you and I the most joy and satisfaction are the things that include some degree of hard work, goal attainment and the consideration of others. Notice that things like laziness, lack of progress, and inactivitiy don’t make the list.

Monday is a day in which we can dive into the week and make this life worth living. It is the springboard from which amazing things can be born.

Those who suffer are those without a reason, without passion, and without a concern for his or her neighbors.

Instead of looking at Monday as a curse — see it as an opportunity — wish for more Mondays and more new opportunities.

Wishing you an amazing Monday!!!

“Make it a masterpiece,”  said the late John Wooden, one of my mentors, once exclaimed with a smile on his face when I attended a basketball camp in Huntington Beach, California.

– Post by Jen Engevik of Project BE Bold

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