The heart is not evil as so many of us have been taught throughout our lifetimes…rather it is the will and the ego that obstruct the heart’s ability to pump truth into the universe. The heart knows…and feels…what is true and responds best to what is right.

When one fails to understand this principle or ignores it, he or she (maybe even you and me) becomes a toxic mess and sickly. Often times he or she treats those around them with contempt and there is a whirlwind of hidden sorrow that affects those who they claim to love most.

Fear can take the biggest of big down (those who seem to have it all)…their life decisions can cause pain in every which direction.

A fearful person creates a storm, a dusty wind cloud that has the power to destroy everything in its path.

It takes love to enter in…to permeate the soul…to melt fear…and then sorrow can end. One can be present in the moment…the sun shining in the heart.

Let fear melt…be humble…and true. That’s where true wealth and true meaning is found.

– Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold