I’ve been reading a lot about the concept of  visualization. The process includes filling the mind with possibility and seeing success in a certain area of life or pursuit. Top athletes use it as they navigate through their worlds, artists see something in their mind’s eye and bring it to life,  and successful entrepreneurs stay awake at night contemplating their goal until it becomes a reality.

In my own quest for bold living, I must use the power of visualization more. The process has to include clearly defining my goals – knowing that I can reach them with hard work – and actually willing myself to believe that I am capable.

Quite some time ago, I sat next to  my brother in his Jeep as he tried to navigate through a major life change. At the time, he was living on his friends’ couches and trying to determine his next step. It appeared that he was going through some sort of refining process…nothing seemed to come all that easy for him. Yet, he shared with me something that I will never forget. Out of his briefcase he pulled a notebook…he opened it to reveal his dreams. He had written down all that he wanted to become, the home he one day dreamed of owning, trips wanted to take, and things he wanted to accomplish.

“I wrote it all down and think about it each day,” he said. “One day I’ll make it all a reality…just you wait and see.”

I was touched. Today, my once nearly homeless brother has attained many of his dreams. He owns a home…has an amazing job…and makes a major difference in the lives of his employees. His life isn’t perfect…he doesn’t always make the right decisions or say the right things…but he’s a visionary.

Yesterday, my sweet cousin told me, “I try to think of the one thing I can do in a single moment that can have the most impact…that is my focus.” I like the way he said that…

For me in this moment…I need to dig in and believe. I need to visualize what I want to accomplish…smell it…feel it…and then become the task.

The easier, lazier path is to doubt…to listen to the voice that says, “You aren’t quite enough. Other people are more worthy. You’re just a dreamer.”

If everyone said that, nothing would get done in this world. There wouldn’t be a Disneyland, no skyscrapers, no Great Pyramids, no Apple Computers or iPhones, no cars, no running water…”

Why is it that we all too often allow other people to be great, while settling for mediocre in our own lives? Why is it that we allow our daily dramas to consume our minds and zap our strength?

The mind is a tool that we must use with care. I’m thinking I need to feed mine with vision. See what I wish to see and stay focused on making it happen. I must know that my vision determines my steps. Vision determines outcome.

– Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold

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