Thinking today about  unrelenting passion…
I wonder sometimes about the reason for the ideas that run through our minds.

I watch people and find the unfolding human drama fascinating…
Now I’m sitting in a coffee shop across from a duo –
two professional women trying to get to know each other…
Expressing how they know certain things
that make them valid in today’s world.
It appears that a part of them both wants to prove that they just know things…
that they have the solutions to the world’s complexities.
They may have the answers…who knows?
If I had more time, I’d listen for an hour or two…

Last night I read how we human beings create drama, but usually the dramas we create aren’t real.
The secret to a healthy mind…a healthy body…and soul
is to try to keep the mind at bay.
It’s about keeping it calm.

Probably if we are worrying about wild dramas, we have too much time on our hands.
Instead of focusing on drama – or watching other people’s dramas on reality TV –
what would happen if we focused on our passions? Our talents?

We just may see our dreams come true.
Just some food for thought…

-Jen Engevik
Project BE Bold