The year 2010 is nearly 1/3 complete – leaving us with 3/4 to create as we wish to see it.

Notice…I wrote to CREATE AS WE WISH TO SEE IT. Second notice…it wasn’t written that we should let it happen as it will.

Dare not to look at life and your current “situation” as something that has happened by chance. We have made decisions that have led us to this very spot. And we are the creators of our world NOW.

What is it that you would like to change this very moment? Would you like to be a more effective communicator? Do you wish that you could find the will to turn of the TV and go experience life rather than watching everyone else do it? Would you like to run a marathon or work toward becoming healthy? Wishing isn’t going to get us anywhere?

It’s in the DOING that will get us to where we want to be.

Some constructive ideas for moving into the land of DOING instead of WISHING:

1. Turn of your TV and start living.

2. Clean out your kitchen — get rid of the foods that tie you down, make you sick and frustrated.

3. Quit making excuses — don’t listen to the voices within that say…”my mom or dad made me that way”…”I’m already a lost cause”…”so and so is better than me”…”nothing ever works out the way I had hoped”…”the world is falling apart and chaotic so what use is it anyway”…”I’ll do it tomorrow”…”No one cares about me – why should I?”

4. Stop paying attention to negativity. Avoid negative news, people and inner dialogue. Read books on positive thought.

5. Allow yourself the freedom to laugh and not take life so seriously. When you get stressed and caught up into a web of fear, tell yourself to “take a hike” for goodness sakes. :-)

6. Stop planning and just DO IT! You know what I mean – just go and do the things your soul is pleading for you to do. Write your book. Sign up for your marathon. Register for school. Stop your pity party. Whatever it is you have been planning to do.

7. Believe in yourself. You are a beautiful, unique creature. Know it. Own it.

Yesterday I saw the film Alice in Wonderland. At one point, the Mad Hatter says to Alice, “You’ve lost your muchness.” And then he pointed to her chest and said, “yes you’ve surely lost something inside.” That something was her self confidence, her self worth, her purpose.

Reclaim your MUCHNESS today and forever more. Life is yours – you are the creator of your day…your moment…

– Jen of Project Be Bold