Tonight, life is running through my soul in a bittersweet symphony. Visiting my childhood home, a lone train is whistling through the canyon below and crickets are singing with joy. The desert inspired air is warm and all-encompassing.

I am reminded of the many nights like this that I, an impatient youngster, wanted to rush out into the world for adventure. Now, I can’t help but wish for those days back. Without a care in the world for survival, I use to swim for hours under the blazing sun, spent time with my best pals, and read my favorite books into the early morning hours…as crickets calmed my soul.

Life as an adult is amazing at times and at others wildly confounding. But I am sure that one day, I will fondly remember my thirties and dream of going back to them as well.

While I ache for my days of youth this eve, may a thrill for the present moment be inspired within my soul.

“The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back. – Ram Das

– Jen Engevik