Today marks the end of the 37th week of this year. Once again I find myself a bit weary after working on several large projects for clients. Finally, I feel as though I can breathe a bit.

Yesterday was a wild one that found me writing the following in my notebook:

It is another day in the hood,

another day of experiencing,

feeling my heart beating,

stomach churning….

Today I started off by feeling so centered and sure…

As time rolled on I became stressed,

then really stressed,

then very stressed.

Wrapped up my work and then tried to catch a train to San Berdoo…

ended up quickly climbing the stairs of the metrobridge-

Once at the top,

across the bridge I sprinted in my heels,

almost tossed my cookies (boy I felt out of shape)…

was running so fast,

but before I even had a chance to get down

the other side of the platform…

the damn train took off yonder –

I wanted to cry…

But now I’m on a train to the City of Angels

Skipping along the tracks and writing too..

For whatever it’s worth, sometimes I feel as though life is a never ending challenge…just willing us to remain centered and sure. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun.

After my train landed in LA, I was walking toward the street when I crossed paths with an African man with a turban on  his head & huge smile on his face. We both said “hi,” and I couldn’t help but ask, “What makes you so happy today?” His answer…

“I’m like this everyday…I just have this strong sense that everything is going to work out just fine. I look at it like this…sometimes good things just come along when you least expect them.”

By the time I got to the street, my ride swooped me up and we were off to the Dodger game. A block past Union Station, there was a sign wrapped around a post that read “BOLD”…and something told me it’s all going to be Ok…

– Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold