Olympian Snowboarder Shaun White on Motivation - March 1, 2010

Shaun White - Olympian, Team USA

There is much we can learn from the amazing Olympians that have captivated us for the past couple of weeks.  Many of us watched with wide-eyes, wishing that we could only possess the discipline and passion it takes to accomplish such a feat as winning a gold medal... or becoming a company leader or owner, an innovator,  an official dream follower...

Gold medal winning US snowboarder Shaun White shares what motivates him in a recent interview on He may appear goofy and all smiles when in the public eye, but it is this 23-year-old's ability to throw his heart and soul into his work, when very few are watching, that allows him the personal permission to beam:

"If I’m learning a new trick I get up because I want to learn it, and get through the frustration. It’s like if my whole day is wrapped around one trick and if I haven’t landed it by the time I leave, my whole day is shot. My whole day has got a big cloud over it and I’m just pissed.

But if I go out and stick that trick, everything is that much brighter. Even food tastes better. Everybody talks about these sports in terms of fun, but you can only have so much fun in a certain sense. It’s fun, but it’s also fulfilling to have a victorious day.

That’s what it’s like, but it’s on your terms. You don’t have to wait for the boss to give you the big corner office. You just go out there and earn it."

White's words provide THE blueprint for what it takes for you and me to live our dreams.

It takes pouring ourselves into all that we do. It means living and breathing what we love. Hard work breathes life into our souls and allows for us to sleep well at night.

Now, we dare you to go now and live your life like an Olympian!! Don't sit on the sidelines and watch.

- Team Project Be Bold

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