bold choices

Boldness Grows with Bold Choices

Our quest for boldness is one that we must take moment by moment. We must look at it like this...things happen throughout our day, and we are always faced with decisions. We can either choose the bold (right) way of action or we can choose the limited (weak) way.

For instance, say that your friend calls you and asks you to do something. Your mind says, "I need a break...I really don't want to do it." You can either be direct and truthful and say "I need a break. Let's do it another day, or you can weave a convoluted story that paints an untrue, over-dramatic story. Being direct is the bold way to act. Weaving a story takes energy from both you and the listener.

Or...say you are at work and you make a mistake. You can blame others or circumstances, or you can stand up and say, "I made a is my fault." The bold course of action takes the confusion and negative energy from the moment and then you move on to correcting the situation.

Or finally, when faced with the decision to gossip or share negative thoughts about others, the bold decision is to say something positive or try with all of your might to say nothing at all. Bold living doesn't have time for petty thoughts that aren't empowering.

Each day we are faced with decisions and we become bolder and happier when we make the right decisions -- even though bold action may be scary or cause momentary setbacks. Successes built on wrong action lead to future pains and failures.

The soul craves simplicity. Bold action will get you there...