The Human Connection - March 26, 2010

The human family is an unbelievable thing. The beauty of it is that underneath the things that we all to often use to separate and divide ourselves -- such as race, religion, politics, demographics - there lies an undeniable commonality.

When we take time to delve into this commonality, we are able to find that we are brothers and sisters after all. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something -- and all too often we bury ourselves in our sorrows because we feel alone and abandoned.

With a change of perspective, we notice that there are people in every direction -- and if we so choose, we can find family, friends and fullness. Have you ever wondered why people so love concerts and sporting events? Well...of coarse we all love to be entertained. But I think it runs deeper than that -- the collective energy and the gathering of people with a single purpose makes connection possible. It allows for the human family to put aside all differences and coexist in harmony for a few hours. As the music plays and our our heroes amaze us with their unbelievable talents -- together we sing, cheer, laugh, clap and whistle -- we give each other high fives -- and our hearts are full.

If we so wish -- we can reach out on a daily basis to those we don't know - to put aside our differences and find commonality. We can forget yesterday and enter into the now where where anything is possible.  And in that commonality peace can and will evolve both in our immediate environments and within our souls.

Really the choice is ours...

Make it a beautiful day!!

- Jen @ Project Be Bold