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Does it Take 21 Days to Forge a Habit? Here's How I'm Going to Find Out...

In my quest for boldness, I am about to test the theory that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Lately, I've been not getting enough exercise. This has led me to develop some fitness goals, and inspired me to give the 21 Days to Form a Habit theory.

Experts have long held the theory that it takes the brain 21 days to get in the groove - or to break a negative habit. In a way, I've thought that it has become somewhat of a cliche, and to be honest I've never even tried to apply it to my life. So today is the day to begin.

For added inspiration, I have signed up for a account. Each day I will receive an e-mail asking if I have run for 30 minutes. If my answer is yes, I move on toward my 21 day goal. If I fail, I am forced to start all over again. I invited a friend to track my progress as well. She will be sent updates from HabitForge and will be my number 1 fan.

My Top 5 Reasons for Wanting to Reach my Running Goal

1. I want to make running an automatic part of my life.

2. I need more energy.

3. I want to work off some extra blubber I've gained while in Sweden gobbling down pastries, cakes and delicious meals.

4. I have signed up for the Amtrak Century bike ride from Irvine to San Diego in September. I need to get my lungs in shape! This is a start!

5. I've been reading the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. It is inspiring and has convinced me that bold living must include a bold body. I'm not talking about a "hot" body...I'm talking about a "bold" that provides me the ability to breathe easy, be energy filled and think clearly. I recommend this book to anyone!

Bonus Reason: I'm thinking that I've been provided this thing called a body as a gift - trashing it affects me negatively and brings everyone else around me down. I want to be vibrant! This way I can give of myself to others and find a higher degree of freedom.

Each day, I'll post a bit surrounding my progress beginning with today -- July 20, 2011. Want to give forming a habit a try along with me? It doesn't have to be can be writing...not smoking...positive thought...eating healthy...etc. If you are up for it, I'd even invite you to write a bit about your progress and I'll post it for everyone to see :-D - Or better yet start a blog yourself, and I'll link to and feature it on Project BE Bold.

If you feel stuck, incapable, dull, blah, icky, wasteful or lazy...start with one habit and let's go!

Last year, I unexpectedly lost one of my best friends in an accident. She was only 34. Losing her did several things to my psyche. It hurt like heck and broke my heart. But then when I realized it was reality, I became inspired in simple ways to do things in honor of her. To breathe the fresh air in honor of her. To love those around me deeper in honor of her (she was oh so loving to everyone). To live each second knowing that it may be my last. There is no guarantee that I will live to be 100. There are no guarantees that my mother will out live me, or that I'll be able to do the things I love to do in the coming weeks, months and years. I'm not going to wait around anymore.

My friend loved to run. She would pull me out into nature and invite me to run along with her. We'd start out together, and before I knew I'd be panting and pleading for her to go ahead. Her long, strong legs would take her off into the distance - I'd wish that I had the discipline that she had.

Now's my chance to find that strength, and with every stride pretend that she is by my side cheering me on. I'm here in the now - where everything is happening - from which amazing things spring.  I think sometimes we get so caught up in our past failures and inaction, and we forget that any moment we can break free from our prisons and just go do. There must be a step starts a race..then continuance brings success. Yet...I'm not wanting to think about success just yet...I have to start first and keep my eyes at my I take one stride at at time.

21 days - let's go! Sign up for a account and let's do it together. Write me at and we'll inspire each other to make it matter what our goals.

Make it a bold day!

- Jen Engevik