How Encouragement Changed My Day

This morning I awoke a bit in a slumber - not knowing quite how to put one foot in front of the other. How wild is it that one day I can be amp'd and ready to go and the next feeling as though I am an alien on a strange planet?

This being human thing is so precarious at times. Sometimes we don't have a concrete reason for feeling a bit off...and yet we do.

Wanting to throw the bed covers over my head and sleep a bit longer, the impulse was interrupted when out of the blue my phone chimed indicating a text message had just zipped its way into my world. It read - "Hey Jen, I hope you have another productive and promising day today!"

It was as though my friend sensed that I needed a few words of encouragement - my soul welcomed it with a beaming smile. It was a simple message, yet profoundly needed. To know that someone cared that I experience a day of productivity and promise was so very touching. I was instantly infused with a new will.

I'm thinking no matter how tough and bold we think we are...deep down inside there is this soft and gooey part of ourselves that needs reassurance. We need to be told that we are relevant and able. We need to know that the universe has some sort of reason for our existence.

Somewhere out there, there is a person in my your life...that needs a quick text message, e-mail or call of this very moment!!

Kind words can turn everything around for a person  in a slumber - for the soul that hurts - and the heart that weeps.

Please take a minute out of your day to touch someone's life. Don't think twice...just go and do it!!

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato

- Jen Engevik
Project BE Bold