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Saying Yes to Life

The past couple of years has been trying on a number of levels for so many of us. Whether we have lost loved ones, had a hard time making ends meet or felt lost while trying to figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Some of us feel like we are working in a job that doesn't reflect the essence of who we are or we have to compromise our values & integrity to get the job done.

I've thought often of how we can become what we are "meant to be." On so many levels we compromise. We allow for projects to be left half done, our bodies to atrophy from lack of movement, and we feel paralyzed.

The wild thing is that the feeling that arising within us -- or that voice that says "there is nowhere to go from here" is unfounded. Inside of us -- equally -- is the voice that says "YES!!!!!!" you can do it. It just depends on which voice we want to listen to.

Not to long ago I saw a fun movie staring Jim Carrey entitled "Yes Man." Carrey's character vows to say yes to every opportunity that comes his way. Prior to making that decision he was living a boring, "poor me" existence. In saying yes to life and to opportunity, he finds true love, grows his career and discovers the beauty of life.

Today, I am making that commitment and invite you to do the same. Say yes to:

- Facing your fears head-on
- Connecting with loved ones and telling them you love them
- Getting up and taking on the projects you have left 1/2 done
- Hiking, biking, dancing in the sun, swimming. Just move!!! Whatever activities we love!
- Reconnecting with the child within and vowing to listen to him/her
- Dreaming
- Hoping
-Eating healthy
- Going...seeing...doing...

You can add to this list as you wish!

With out a doubt, life has it's challenges but we must move forward and embrace what is to come. We can do it!!!

- Post by Jen Engevik of Project BE Bold