Milton Katsellas

Paint Your Own Portrait by Milton Katselas - February 23, 2010

In his bestselling book Dreams into Action, author Milton Katselas calls for boldness:

Many people go through life apologizing for who they are, as if asking permission for their existence. Hiding, they travel along with an opaque, general, anonymous face. Or they pretend to be on their best behavior, as if that's going to win points. Well, it's not going to work. Who wants to work with somebody who comes into the office apologizing? Hiding? Who wants to live with a lover who utters the ever-deadening martyred lament, 'Oh, no, everything is fine'?...

Two Dancers by Henri Matissee politeness

If you're laying a heavy dose of sucrose  politeness, you're painting a portrait in a sickly candy pink. If you're filled with hostility and blame, you've got dark, dowdy black-gray. If you're hiding and fearful to speak up, you've got screechy, unpleasant yellow and you're painting with a very limited, self-pitying palette. When you paint your portrait, load your brush with a lot of colors. Hot, bright colors. Or beautiful, soft pastels. your choice. Just paint so that you sing out loud!

Exercise: Name give areas where you can improve your portrait. State specifically those new attitudes with which you will now be painting.

Go make it a bold day!

- Team Project BeBold

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