Excuses BE Gone!! by Jen Engevik

One of the keys to our success is to learn to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We all too often tell stories from the past to make excuses for our actions in the present. Regular excuses include:

  • My parents  conditioned me to act this way.
  • It is because of him/her that I can't move forward.
  • He/she made me do it.
  • It's because I don't have money or things -- I can't do what I want because I just don't have the means.
  • I have made so many mistakes in my past that I can't move forward -- I'm stuck - It is what it is.
  • I overeat, drink, smoke, etc.  because I'm depressed -- there are so many stressors in my life. I have no control over my actions.

Gone should be the days that saw us hunker down as fearful children - afraid to stand tall and make our own bold decisions. We must know that the past is the past and we are the creators of our present and future. In order to move beyond our limitations, we must take chances and take leaps of faith -- knowing that things will work out beautifully.

- By Jen Engevik of Project BE Bold

The Next Kobe?

See this inspiring video about an 11-year-old boy who wants to become an NBA player. He is an amazing example of what it takes to reach our goals -- it's all about hard work!!! You can't become the next Kobe without focus and dedication ;-)

Go out and make it a bold day!!

- Team Project Be Bold

Standing Up

Mary McLeod Bethune - Educator, agitator and Eleanor Roosevelt's best friend once said:

"There can be no divided democracy, no class government, no half-free country, under the constitution. Therefore, there can be no discrimination, no segregation, no separation of some citizens from the rights which belong to all...We are on our way. But these are frontiers which we must conquer...We must gain full equality in the economic opportunity, and full equality in the abundance of life."

Mary McCleod Bethune - Educator & Agitator

- We thank Mary McLeod Bethune for her boldness!

Now go make this day a masterpiece...