recipe for a perfect day

Recipe for a Great Day! Ideas for Living a Happy & Fullfilling Life :-D

I've been working to develop a new practice - one that takes each day as an opportunity for near perfection. I think it important to disassociate ourselves from our yesterdays and not try to work out the future, but to revel in the now. My experience has been pure frustration and disconnection when I've gone through a day not fully focused on what is in front of me. No job can be done exceptionally, no friendship enjoyed fully, no rose's scent inhaled purely and no child embraced truly when we are disengaged from the present moment. 

I've developed a recipe for a great day for myself and hope it will help you in your efforts to enjoy each and every day:

1 Cup of Childlike Enthusiasm
Ask yourself in all seriousness...why do we as adults have to be so dull? Get on a skateboard, jump up and down when you're excited, dare to get excited over something, or let your hair wet in the pool & play Marco Polo with the kids.

2 Cups of Exercise
Don't be a lump sitting on the couch. Get up and stretch, go for a walk/run or ride a bike!

3 Liters of Focus
Try focusing on whatever you are doing fully. Feel how exhilerating it is to be immersed in what is in front of you. Remember how it was as a child to have a single focus? Whether it was observing  a ladybug crawl across your open palm or playing with friends, you once had the ability to take in all of the majesty around you. No matter what you do, give it 100% of your focus. Try hiding your iPhone or Android for a bit and notice how amazing it feels to not split your attention between what happening around you and your Facebook account or texts.

10 Breaths
When you feel like you have lost grasp of the moment, feel frustrated or fearful, stop what you are doing and take 10 breaths. This will release tension in the body and bring you back to the moment. Lack of breath is associated with all sorts of bodily and mental ailments. Holding your breath is like bottling your soul.

Endless Embraces
Love those around endlessly. Try your hardest not to judge - forgive - understand - listen. Hope for the best for others. Walk through each day with a willingness to embrace others. You'll be amazed at how a radiant smile directed toward each and every person you come in contact will warm their souls and provide them proof that there is hope in the world. You will be embraced in return.

1 Million Teaspoons of Confidence
Dare to be confident in your pursuits. Know that you have been given unique talents and were put on the earth for a reason. Always look for your greater purpose. Remember that being confident doesn't mean being egotistical, rather it's a humble attempt at making the most of the gifts that have been given to you. An egotistical, me-me approach is born out of fear. If you are the owner of a bloated ego, ask yourself what you are afraid of losing...or are you afraid that you don't measure up? Be humbled in the knowledge that you have a limited amount of time on this earth, and that no human being is more valuable that another. Use your talents wisely, and be assured that you can accomplish amazingly beautiful feats.

A Wisp of the Spiritual, and a Dash of Miracles
No matter what your spiritual persuasion, begin your day by saying thank  you for a new day. When you eat your meals, give thanks for the gift of taste and nourishment. Not everyone is as lucky. Give thanks when you walk down the street, or pick up your child, or hold your lovers hand. Give thanks when you roll down the road with 200 horsepower to propel you. Give thanks for the trees, and flowers, and birds and bugs and blue sky and clouds and friends and your home. Give thanks for laughter and friendship and hope and your mind. Each and every second there is a miracle  unfolding. Are you noticing?

-Post by Jen Engevik of Project BE Bold