sarah hessinger

The Simplicity of Balance


Artist Sarah Hessinger has been an inspired to paint & draw from the time she can remember. In her growing years, she would spend hours upon hours in her dream world, looking at the world from a perspective of beauty and awe. And in her effort to express all that was within her soul she turned to art.

Sarah Hessinger - Artist

“Since Childhood I have enjoyed working with all mediums, exploring watercolors, and oil painting for many years where my education started at the hands of my mother," shares Hessinger.

"Painting has always been my passion, creating and exploring that which is not easily tangible. My recent art has been exploring the simplicity of balance. It is the simplest kinds of balance that are often the hardest to attain, and often the most intriguing to me. I strive to paint the inner pendulum swing. ”

Hessinger's passion led her from sketching in notebooks and painting in high school art classes to  Cal State University of Long Beach in 2005 where she gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art.

The Games of Canine and Lepus
Molting Intentions

Her drawing “Ophelia” recently won first place with The 45th Annual Fine Art Competition in Glendale , AZ. “Ophelia” along with “She Still Flies” and “Gathering” were also part of The Richeson 75 Figure 2008 Competition.

Gathering was part of the exhibition Hessinger is currently represented in at the Rive Gauche Gallery in Scottsdale, Az.

She has also recently exhibited as one of the Artists-in-Residency at The Artist’s Studio at the Farm at South Mountain, where her outdoor exhibition “Embracing Light and Memory” received much attention and was published as part of the So Scottsdale Magazine in the summer of 2008.

Sarah paints the world with grace, and we thank her for her ability to open our eyes...

-Team Project BeBold