sound of music flash mob

Create a Flash Mob

Looking for a way to inspire random people to dance, giggle and feel like they are a part of a magical & beautiful world? Flash Mobs do just that and more -- one of my favorite examples is the Sound of Music flash mob arranged at the Antwerp Station in Belgium:

Many people, including me, have often wondered how you go about arranging such an event.

WikiHow provides the following steps to creating a flash mob:

1. Choose a song to perform.

2. Choose a style of dance.

3. Find a choreographer to help the song come to life.

4. Choose a location, such as a park in a major city where there will be lots of people to watch. Or organize at a venue that authorizes you to hold a flash mob.

5. Gather a group of 50-70 dancers. Facebook and Twitter are great tools! Get people to commit.

6. Teach your dancers in small groups if possible and/or give specific instructions on the dance. Making a basic video of the dance is a great idea as can share via email or provide via a disk.

7. Choose a "leader" who will begin the dance and then a group of 9-15 dancers join in...then you double the number of dancers participating, etc.

8. It is also important to figure out how you are going to play your music!!

For more info on flash mobs, go to:

- Jen of Project Be Bold