ten thoughts on whole living october 2010

10 Thoughts on Whole Living from October 2010

Just came across last month's 10 Thoughts on Whole Living by Terri Trespicio from Martha Stewart's Whole Living Magazine on page 101.

Hoping they will inspire you!

10 Thoughts on Whole Living

1. If you can successfully change one bad habit, you're likely to change another.

2. Don't assume you know what someone needs you to do. Ask.

3. Sometimes all it takes to get through a tough time is a single, powerful word.

4. Be courageous enough to listen for the truth.

5. When you shine a light on a negative thought, it loses its power.

6. While you can't shut out illness entirely, you can make your body a place where health thrives.

7. Do something that makes you sweat.

8. Embrace frayed edges, worn pages, and laugh lines. True beauty lies in imperfection.

9. Remind a loved one that he/she isn't alone.

10. Learning to love requires as much openness as it does strength.

Make it a bold and beautiful day!!

- Team Project BE Bold