Jennifer Aaker on the Pursuit of Happiness

Enjoy this inspiring speech by Jennifer Aaker, a truly inspiring professor at Stanford University and co-author of The Dragon Effect. Here she teaches how to make a difference in the world and find true happiness:

USC's Seth Doane and Prince Harry Interview

As a graduate of USC, I am always proud when I see one of my classmates accomplish something amazing. Back in the day, Seth Doane and I attended classes together and enjoyed deep discussions on life. Now I am proud to say that Seth is reporting for CBS and has just recently interviewed Prince Harry in Africa. Congratulations Seth on working so very hard to make this moment a reality...


- Post by Jen Engevik

The Steve Jobs Story: Inspirational Video from Stanford University Graduation

Enjoy this amazingly inspirational commencement address by Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005! There is so much to learn from this man!

RIP Mr. Jobs. Thank you for your willingness to innovate, inspire and be bold...


30 Day Challenge by Google's Matt Cutts

A friend of mine made me aware of a video in which Google engineer Matt Cutts shares how 30 days can transform your life. Take a bit more than 3 minutes to be inspired by watching this video:

- Jen Engevik

Project BE Bold

Dolphin & Dog Swim Together in Harbor!! :-D

Just another reason to be amazed and  inspired by the world we live in!!

Make sure you are smiling today and dare to make others smile by sending them this link!!

-Team Project BE Bold

The Story of Nick Vujicic will inspire you!

Look at yourself after watching this...

For more info on Nick, visit his Website at:

Can You Pass this Awareness Test?

I saw this video and thought it was interesting! Check it out...and remember that life is so very much about keeping your eyes wide open. And what we decide to focus on :-D

- Post by Jen, Project BE Bold