z-a list

Z-A: Healthy Ideas for Living

Zen - Focus on simplicity of mind, space and time.

Yoga - Try stretching a bit to ease tension & clear your mind.

Xylography - The art of wood carving. This may not be your passion...but try an art that fits your soul.

Wave - Try looking at a stranger and giving them a friendly wave. Making connections with others feeds the spirit. And get to the beach to ride a wave! The ocean purifies and offers new beginnings.

Value - Work on valuing others and seeing value in yourself. Involved in a squabble with a co-worker, family member, friend or neighbor? Try letting go and offering them grace...you'll feel lighter immediately.

Understand - Let go of judgment and take time to understand - listen.

Trust - Everything is going to work out OK in the long run. Trust allows for us to focus on the day's most important tasks while knowing that the steps we are taking are going to lead to continued success.

Sleep - Keeps the mind healthy, emotions balanced and immune system boosted. Get just the right amount...but not too much.

Real - Be real with yourself and others. Facades only get you so far in life and make you sick in the long run.

Quiet - Make sure to find quiet time for mental clarity. Dare to declutter your mind!

Play - Grant yourself the freedom to climb trees, ride a skateboard, play catch in the park, play tag in the pool and get in touch with the child within.

Open - Your mind. Your heart. Your arms for a hug. Your home to your friends & family.

New - Look for new ways to see the world around you. Seek new you's, new activities, new friends, new talents, new ideas and new goals.

Map - Pull one out and choose a travel destination. Even if you can only afford to jump in your car or on a train to a city nearby. Travel refreshes the soul and provides inspiration.

Love - Keeps the heart pumping. Extend love to yourself, family, friends, co-workers, strangers and more. Love what you do...we've all got one shot at this thing called life, so why do so many of us settle for the mundane?

Kitchen - Fill it with healthy foods. A good rule of thumb is to do most of your shopping on the outer isles of the grocery store. All of the preserved, unnatural items are usually in center isles. Or better yet, find a great produce market or farm and fill your kitchen with freshness.

Jump - Did you know that when you jump rope or engage in sports that involve jumping, it helps maintain and build healthy bones? Plus it helps build strength and keeps the body supple.

Imagination - Tap into it more often by reading books, writing and telling stories, playing make believe with your children and more. Imagine what life would be like if your wildest dreams came true -- and believe that you can make amazing things happen. The greatest things come to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

Help - Studies show that helping others fills the giver with purpose while providing hope to the receiver. This brings health to the mind, body and soul. Constantly scan your surroundings for opportunities to make a difference.

Grateful - Say thank you more often for the small things. When you do, you'll realize that miracles surround you each and every day. Health comes to the grateful.

Face Fear - Fear has the power to frazzle the mind, stop creativity in its tracks and attack the immune system. Facing your fears will help you grow by leaps and bounds and inspire others to do the same!

Early - Try rising early and going to bed early. The early morning air is charged with all sorts of positive energy which is why traditional Yoga practitioners commonly rise before the sun does.

Diet - You don't have to follow all of the most recent diet fads. Keep your diet simple, yet nutrient rich. Learn to listen to your body.

Cash - Save more than you spend. You may find that you don't need as many things as you think you do.

Breaks - Take time to smell the roses. What is this life worth if we can't enjoy it?

April - Tis' the month we are in...don't waste a second of it because once May comes you can never own April 2011 again.

Wishing you a beautiful day - week - month and moment. Want to share an A-Z list or Z-A list of your own? It can cover any topic -- send it on over to me at jen@projectbebold.com and I'll post it!

- Jen Engevik

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