If you are seeking to live the bold life, you may be considering entrepreneurship programs at one of the country’s leading universities. The following is a simple list of the top programs, as ranked by the Princeton Review…

1. University of Houston – Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

2. Babson College – Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

3. Baylor University –  Baylor Entrepreneurship Program

4. Syracuse University – Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

5. University of Southern California

6. Washington University in St. Louis – Skandalaris Center For Entrepreneurial Studies

7. Brigham Young University

8. University of Arizona – McGuire Entrepreneurship Program

9. Northeastern University – Entrepreneurship and Innovation

10. University of Oklahoma – Center for Entrepreneurship

The power of an exceptional entrepreneurship program in today’s world is that it helps fuel your passions and provides you an opportunity to learn how to make your ideas take flight. While in today’s world one doesn’t necessarily need a college degree to succeed, jumping into a program can give you time to focus on your goals and connect you with the right business leaders to get your idea off the ground.

More on entrepreneurship and innovation to come!