Another important factor in making fitness part of your lifestyle is choosing to be fit for YOURSELF.

You must see exercise as a gift to yourself and part of your self-care routine. Just like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and eating healthy meals on a daily basis, so must exercise become part of your routine.

Avoid the following common mistakes: 1) SPECIAL EVENT FITNESS- This is when one decides to get into shape for an upcoming event, i.e. wedding, high school reunion, etc. Once the event is over, most people fall back to their unhealthy ways since they were getting fit for the event and not for themselves. 2) LOVED ONE FITNESS- This is when a person gets into shape for their spouse, boyfriend, or another significant other. If the relationship fails and the significant other is no longer in a person’s life, fitness will most likely go by the wayside.

By choosing to become fit for YOURSELF, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts and fitness will more likely become part of your lifestyle!

– Post by Michael Brummer – Project Be Bold Contributor
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